Lady Recounts How She Moved On From Being A Side-Chick To Wife In 2 Years – Netizens Reacts

Lady Recounts How She Moved On From Being A Side-Chick To Wife In 2 Years – Netizens Reacts

A lady is celebrating a major feat as she graduates from being a side chick to a wife in two years.

According to the TikTok user, when she met her husband in 2018, he had a girlfriend but she decided to stick around. She added that she stole his “love” and earned him “completely” and this led to their marriage in 2020.

The lady who is celebrating her 6th year of being in a romantic relationship with her man stated that he has not changed one bit and has remained the sweet and loving man she has always known.

The video has generated mixed reactions, with some netizens criticizing her actions while others congratulating her on her achievement.

One user with the handle onyinzzz wrote: “Congratulations on your achievement… Best man snatcher…..”

Another user named magnustochi commented: “As long as he or she is not married, you can shoot your shot, but once they are married, respect yourself and your sense.”

A user identified as creamqueen101 asked: “What is the moral lesson, please?”

One user named dthickqueen expressed her disbelief, saying: “Still can’t wrap my head around knowing a man has a girl/wife, and I’m still willing to date him. I value my dignity so much. Anyways, good luck to the couple.”

Lastly, valerieasuquo sarcastically commented: “You are even bragging. Don’t call us when breakfast is served.”

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