Coleen Rooney ADMITS Wagatha Christie trial nearly broke her marriage


Coleen Rooney has admitted the Wagatha Christie trial nearly broke her 15-year marriage to footballer Wayne because it ‘took its toll.’

In an interview with British Vogue, Coleen, 37, said she was ‘hurt, short-tempered and frustrated’ and Wayne ‘didn’t think she was the same person anymore.’

The lawsuit against Coleen

Rebekah had sued Coleen over an accusation she had leaked details of Coleen’s private life to the press after Coleen had staged an elaborate sting operation to find out who was passing on stories about her to The Sun.

And while Coleen won the £3million libel case, she admitted that things weren’t plain sailing at home and she felt like the stress of it was draining the life out of her.

She said of Wayne: ‘He was supportive, you know, but it took its toll. He kept saying all the way throughout it: “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine”.

The pair’s history of marital problems have been well-documented due to various scandals, sex workers and so on but she remains calm on the subject when pressed.

She said: ‘We’ve had our ups and downs. Obviously everybody knows. It’s been hard to go through it in the public eye but there has always been love there. If the love is gone then, you know, it’s pointless. But if not, you’ve got something to work for.’

‘It’s been a battle at times. I look at [any] situation we’re in and think, “Could we move forward from that? Is it worth moving forward from that?” I don’t just give up.’

‘There was a moment, in the autumn of 2021, when Wayne had said, “He felt like I wasn’t me anymore,”.

She remembers sitting with her father outside the football one afternoon, crying and crying.

‘You look ill,’ he said to her and she wailed that she just wanted [the libel case] to be over.

‘So the relief. The relief was everything.’

Coleen said she gives this advice to her friends in similar positions. She said: ‘Don’t give up straight away. You’ll get annoyed straight away, but I’ve always given myself time.

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