Actress Julia Fox shares an insight into her fling with Kanye West – says there ‘wasn’t any SEX’


Julia Fox has revealed that there ‘wasn’t any sex’ in her relationship with Kanye West when they briefly dated.

The Italian-American actress and model, 33, said that it ‘wasn’t about that’ when describing the relationship between the unlikely pair.

Kanye and Julia stepped out together months after his split from ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Julia Fox spills truth on sex life with Kanye West in memoir

Julia, who is set to release her new memoir soon, opens up about her sexual relationships in the book, however, she does not mention Kanye.

In an interview with The New York Times, Julia was asked about these details she included in and how ‘one boyfriend [she doesn’t] describe sex with is Kanye.’ Julia replied: ‘Because there, like, wasn’t any. It wasn’t really about that.’

During their romance, Julia was gifted a Hermès Birkin bag by the Yeezy designer, and she told the interviewer that she has kept hold of it after their split.

It comes after Julia and another of Kanye’s exes, Amber Rose, had a discussion about dating the troubled rapper in an episode of Julia’s podcast Forbidden Fruits.

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They discussed their ‘Cinderella moments’ while dating Kanye and being ‘thrown to the sharks’.

They claimed that Kanye, who is now ‘married’ to Bianca Censori, has a tendency to ‘love bomb’ his new girlfriends.

Julia’s short-lived fling with Kanye lasted for six weeks in 2022, while Amber’s two-year romance burned bright from 2008 to 2010.

Both relationships boosted the careers of Julia and Amber, rocketing them into the global spotlight.

‘Cinderalla moments’

Digging deep into their relationship with Kanye, Julia said: ‘Sooo, I don’t know if we want to talk about it or not.

‘I figured this would come up,’ laughed Amber, to which Julia quipped, ‘Whatever, we both did it, it’s fine. Literally, I get so much sh** for it.’

‘Welcome to my life,’ joked Amber, who went on to concede that she ‘doesn’t shy away’ from her history with the Gold Digger hitmaker ‘because it is a really big part of my story and how I became famous.’

From there, Amber addressed her transformation from struggling model to world-famous girlfriend, saying: ‘I think the funny part is I didn’t have anyone to look to and say, “Okay this happened to her so it’s going to happen to me.”

‘I was the first, I was the girlfriend and then all of the sudden I was by myself walking around and paparazzi would follow me around, alone, and I would say “I’m not famous, he’s not with me. You don’t have to follow me.”‘

‘Thrown to the sharks moments’

Amber compared sudden fame to being ‘thrown to the sharks,’ and ultimately addressed Kanye’s public meltdown.

‘Years of buildup will make a motherf***er look crazy after a while because you’re just fed up,’ explained the video vixen.

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‘I definitely can’t make any excuses for the things that he says because I don’t agree with them.’

Julia gave her two cents and shared that Kanye has ‘always been the same, kind of,’ but said that his behavior has been getting ‘more extreme.’

Giving some insight into Kanye, Julia said: ‘I feel like he has always just had really lofty dreams and always kind of pushing the envelope as much as he can, pushing the boundaries – like if you tell the man no, he is going to find a way to get yes.’

Amber agreed to be Kanye’s date to the Grammys in 2008, resulting in a massive shopping spree to find a dress that made her feel like ‘Cinderella or Pretty Woman.’

‘I couldn’t believe it,’ recalled Amber. ‘I was crying in the store. It was just shocking, because I had been so poor my whole life…’

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