I found out my husband of three years is actually my COUSIN – but we refuse to break up


A couple who have been married for three years have shared their shock at discovering they are actually cousins – but, despite the staggering revelation, they insist they’re not going to break up.

‘We’re not going to break up’

Tylee and Nick Waters, from Utah, regularly post to TikTok about their relationship including a now-viral video that divulged their familial connection.

‘Over three years into marriage and we just found out we are cousins,’ the clip, which has so far been viewed over 5.7 million times, read.

‘I wish I were joking,’ the couple added in the caption.

The shocking revelation left other social media users flummoxed – with thousands of comments pouring in.

‘The way my jaw dropped,’ one dumbfounded TikToker wrote as another added: ‘Don’t you guys have family reunions.’

Is it lawful to marry your cousin?

Many commenters also shared their own tales of marrying within the family.

‘Same thing happened to us,’ one user wrote. ‘Married for three years with a kid and then found out we’re fifth cousins once removed.’

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‘My husband and I are 10th cousins once removed,’ another chimed in. ‘Almost everyone I know in Utah is my cousin somehow.’

Someone else wrote: ‘That’s why my mom wants to know who it is I am dating so that she can tell me whether or not we are related bc I have a big family living in one city.’

In a follow-up clip, the couple said they are not planning on breaking up – despite finding out they are apparently related.

They share the same birthday

The eight-second video showed the duo dancing, while the lyrics to a song in the background say ‘yes’ over and over.

The eerie similarities did not end there though as Tylee and Nick revealed in yet another video they also share the same birthday and have been told they look alike before.

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