‘I sell XL Bullys to drug dealers’: Shocking moment father of six ADMITS breeding killer dogs to ‘put food on the table’


A father-of-six has sparked outrage after admitting to breeding and sell bloodthirsty American Bully XL dogs to drug dealers to ‘put food on the table’.

The extraordinary claim was made by a caller on LBC as a furious debate continues to rage over whether the dangerous ‘mutant’ crossbreed should be banned in Britain.

It follows a series of fatal maulings and violent attacks, which have since prompted Home Secretary Suella Braverman to seek ‘urgent advice’ on outlawing the ‘lethal’ breed.

Speaking on LBC, presenter Iain Dale asked the Hull-based breeder called ‘David’: ‘When you decided to breed this type of dog, who were you aiming them at? Who did you want to sell them to and who did you sell them to?’

‘Drug dealers,’ replied the man. ‘I’ll be absolutely honest with you, Iain.

A flabbergasted Iain responded: ‘You sold them to drug dealers? I’m tempted to end the call now.’

The caller replied: ‘I’ve always said this, why do you need a licence for a dog and not a cat?

‘I’m sorry, you’ve just admitted that you bred them to sell them to drug dealers,’ interrupted Iain.

‘What kind of person does that make you?

‘Iain, who’s going to put bread on the table for my family. I’ve got six kids,’ David replied.

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A visible infuriated Iain then lashed out before hanging up the call, saying: ‘Oh go to hell, David.’

The exchange outraged Emma Whitfield, whose ten-year-old son Jack Lis, was mauled to death by an XL Bully dog while on his way to play with a friend.

Writing on X – formerly known as Twitter – she said breeders were ‘another part of the problem’, adding: ‘Jesus Christ! I’m not sure if this guy was a troll or not but either way it’s believable and this is completely unacceptable.’

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