I’m a 52-year-old grandmother with four kids but I still LOOK like a young college student


A glamorous grandmother has managed to turn back the clock and make herself look decades younger than her actual age.

The youthful video

Lingerie model Gina Stewart, 52, shocked her 400,000 followers this week when she shared an impossibly youthful video of herself lip syncing to Rihanna‘s hit Diamonds.

In the clip, the Gold Coast-based granny and mum-of-four looks like a fresh-faced college student in her early twenties.

The video whipped her many male followers into a frenzy, with one writing, ‘What a lovely and natural look!’

Another gushed, ‘Aren’t you the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen?’

It turns out that Gina’s age-defying look is the result of AI technology, which has helped her turn back the clock.

After spending years making racy videos of herself on OnlyFans, Gina decided to take her modelling career to the next level by partnering with an AI company to become entirely virtual.

‘The funny thing is the men love it,’ she recently told DailyMail.com.

‘The AI models are glamorous, beautiful and desirable, like Playboy models of the 90s.

‘I guess it’s a similar concept to superheroes; everyone loves and has a favorite superhero, they go to the movies to watch, admire and obsess over them.

‘They want to be them, but they are not real. It’s a fantasy and an escape from reality.’

The world’s hottest grandma

Gina, known online as ‘the world’s hottest grandma,’ shot to stardom when her glamorous modelling photos went viral online.

She cashed-in on her fame by teaming up with OnlyFans and Playboy, but has now decided to go totally virtual after growing weary of having to look perfect all the time.

‘While traveling this summer in the US, I took a break from taking photos on social media,’ said Gina.

And this was the moment 28-year-old Gina from California was born.

‘I looked into AI and collaborated with an incredible artist on Instagram,’ she said.

‘We used 1,000 real photos of myself from all angles and naked, trained a deep learning program through stable diffusion, and cloned me. The results were mind-blowing,’ she gushed.

Gina has since signed with an AI modelling agency and has even landed her first magazine cover.

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