‘Poolside Karen’ filmed hurling RACIST insults at family claims they attacked her ‘like a swarm of bees’


The woman dubbed ‘Poolside Karen’ for hurling racist insults at a family enjoying the July 4th holiday says the group surrounded her ‘like a swarm of bees’ and that their ‘fake fingernails’ ended up in her hair during the attack.

In a new talk with Inside Edition, Blair Featherman, 49, doubled down on her innocence following her interview with DailyMail.com and shared new footage which she says shows she was the victim.

The group stole her phone

‘They swarmed over like a swarm of bees, it was very fast,’ Featherman said in the new sit-down, adding that the group allegedly stole her phone as she was filming.

The woman also said she later discovered fake fingernails that had ‘ripped off’ in her hair when the group of alleged ‘pool hoppers’ swung at her.

The incident happened at a swanky apartment complex in Lakewood, Colorado, where the pool is gated and open only to residents.

In the viral video of Featherman, she is seen calling the members of the Hispanic family at the pool ‘trash’ and ‘low-class slime.’

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Featherman shared the new video from her phone with the outlet, claiming the clips showcase the attack she endured.

‘Assault, assault’

In the video, her legs can be seen flying back as she lays on a pool chair as a large group surrounds her. ‘I got pushed first by a man, and then the women jumped on me,’ she said.

‘That is assault, that is assault,’ a voice in the recording can be heard stating.

According to reports, the incident began after she and her boyfriend approached a group she noticed enter the pool area that she did not recognize.

‘We noticed a party gathering on the other side of the pool and it was getting bigger and bigger and bigger,’ Featherman said, sharing the complex had a problem with non-residents entering and staying ‘all day.’

The woman told Inside Edition that she and her boyfriend asked to see the group’s key fobs and that after they refused, she told her boyfriend to ‘call security.’

Featherman’s friend, Devon Corday, called the police and asked for officers to report immediately for an assault in progress.

As they were waiting for cops to arrive, she said she went to retrieve her phone which is when the now infamous interaction went down.

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