Watch: Man WEEPS bitterly after finding his mother’s scorched dress during a search for her after wedding fire


A man could not be consoled after his mother was burnt to death while attending a wedding in Iraq.

The man’s mother was stuck in the restroom when the fire started.

‘Where’s mum!’

After the blaze was brought under control, the man went around looking for his mother while screaming, ‘Where’s mum!’.

He later found her scorched dress and he picked it up while hopelessly still asking for his mum.

‘These are my mother’s’, he said after finding her dress, then he called out for her, ‘mum!’

A video shared online shows him falling to his knees and crying while hugging his late mother’s scorched dress.

At least 100 people, including the bride and groom, were killed when a fire broke out at the wedding.

Over 150 more were injured in the blaze.

The blaze was caused by fireworks, which were set off at the venue in the Hamdaniya district of northeast Nineveh governorate, the Iraqi Civil Defense said.

An investigative committee was formed to identify the cause of the incident.

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