Gen Z and Millennials at war AGAIN: Which side are you on?


Yet another generational divide has formed between Gen Z and Millennials after a 32-year-old clubgoer sparked a debate about dancing styles.

Gus Rosas, from the US, revealed on TikTok he had been berated by a Gen Z girl over his dance moves in a club.

Prince William from teenage heartthrob to the yummy mummy favourite.

The debate

Speaking to viewers in a clip on the platform, he said he had been dancing with his arms above his head – but the younger girl told him to stop.

He revealed the girl told her that raising his arms above his head was ‘giving away his age’, which made him feel like he was too old to be in the club altogether.

However, fellow Millennials left comments on the story jumping to his defence and supporting his right to dance however he wants – and many criticised Gen Z for worrying too much about their appearance rather than having fun.

Taking to the video platform Gus said he had been at a club the night before and was dancing with a younger girl.

He revealed she said to him: ‘You know it’s giving away your age… you keep putting your hands up.’

Gus’s exasperated expressions suggested he was embarrassed by his dancing – but added he just couldn’t resist throwing his hands in the air when a good tune came on.

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He revealed the girl forced his hands back down to his side, leaving him thinking: ‘I’m too old for the club.’

Commenters taking sides

However, fellow Millennials left comments underneath Gus’s video defending his dance moves.

Referring to Gen Z, one person wrote: They don’t seem to be having fun when they dance. We had fun not caring what people saw.’

Another said: ‘Being a Gen Z sounds exhausting.’

Some Millennials took the opportunity to raise other dividing lines between the two generations.

One person drew attention to the argument regarding hair partings, in which Gen Z mocked Millennials for side partings, while they prefer to part their hair in the middle.

Elsewhere, people joked about all the club anthems which feature lyrics encouraging people to raise their hands – such as Beyoncé’s Single Ladies.

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