Mom who lives in a tent with her kids REVEALS how it’s saved her a ton of money


A mother-of-five who lives in a tent with her kids and homeschools them has revealed how it’s saved her a ton of money and eliminated so much ‘stress’ from their lives.

London Shanta, a realtor and aspiring fashion designer from Jacksonville, Florida, moved out of her home and went ‘off the grid’ with her brood back in August, so that they could ‘build their dream life.’

How does living in tent looks like?

The family-of-seven now reside in a tent in the woods, where they forage and grow their own food – and according to London, the new lifestyle has completely changed her life.

She’s documented her journey and shared it to TikTok, and she has insisted that relocating has provided a slew of benefits for her, her partner, and five kids – like cutting down her costs and giving them much more time to spend as a family.

‘After three years of planning and procrastinating, we finally did it,’ she captioned a video that showcased the tent they bought back in August.

‘Our journey begins.’In a follow-up video, London explained that she made the decision to move so that she could ‘focus on healing, creating, and raising free-spirited kids.’

She explained that they already have learned so much about ‘growing food,’ and that they love getting to have ‘daily adventures’ together.

She added that while many members of her family think she’s ‘delusional,’ she has no regrets about ‘following her heart.’

‘It’s given me more peace than ever,’ she said.

‘Most people won’t understand why I choose to believe in me and follow where my spirit leads, but I know God gives us seeds deep inside that if planted and nurtured will reap a harvest and I can do all things.’

London explained in other videos that she purchased a piece of land in the woods via Facebook Marketplace, and they then moved out of the home that they were renting.

After putting up a few tents, she got to work on building a ‘privacy fence’ to ensure that hikers don’t intrude on them.

Now, she’s saving up to buy a camper so that she and her kids could ‘live their best lives’ and ‘travel the world.’

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