I LIVE ON a cruise ship and this is what life is really like at sea


A woman has revealed what it is really like to live the suite life on board a cruise ship after spending half the year out at sea.

Christine Kesteloo, who is a former cruise director, travels on the Holland America Cruise Line alongside husband Piet who works as the staff chief engineer.

How is life on a cruise ship?

Christine shares her inside knowledge of life on board with her 738,000 TikTok followers, including detailing what she can and can’t do as someone who is living as ‘a guest, but also crew.’

Recently, she documented their 77 days on the board the ship as it it left the dock in Vancouver, Canada, and sailed to Alaska.

The ship-lover, who is now a freelance content creator, explained she sails with her husband for free, and lives on the ship with him while he’s working.

The other half of the year, they live at their house in the Netherlands.

‘While I live on the cruise ship, I live as a guest but also as crew,’ she told followers in a recent clip, with over 13.5 million views.

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While Christine can do most things paying guests can do, there are a few things that she is prohibited from doing.

How much are life at sea cruises?

‘Number one, gambling,’ she shared. ‘I am not allowed to go sit at a slot machine and play my heart out until I win.’

She explained it is because ‘it would look a little weird if I, as the wife of the staff chief engineer, won a big Jackpot.’

Like paying passengers, Christine is allowed in the guest areas.

However, unlike guests, she’s also allowed to go in the crew areas too.

‘But with that said, when I am in crew areas, I always have to wear my badge visible so that they know that I’m one of them and allowed down there,’ she explained.

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