SEE where your country ranks – Most promiscuous nation in the world (Full List)


A new study publication has ranked Australia as the most promiscuous nation in the world, the USA as the 15th most promiscuous nation and even Nigeria made the list.

NapLab compiled data from various sources to come up with their list, looking at national sexually transmitted infection rates, a country’s attitudes toward premarital sex and the average number of sex partners, among other criteria.

Which countries are the most promiscuous?

The list says the average US citizen has slept with more than 10 people, according to the raunchy research, with the average resident sleeping with 10.7 people over the course of their lifetime.

The US is on equal terms with Canada, which gets an average of 10.7 bedroom partners.

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Also, 65% of US citizens thought it was okay to have sex before getting married, a small percentage when compared to most other Western countries.

The average Australian loses their virginity at a younger age than the average American (17.8 years versus 18 years).

Despite their citizens seeming to sleep around more on average, Australia had lower rates of sexually transmitted diseases, also known as STDs, than the US.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation is ranked 40th on the list.

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