‘It’s Embarrassing For You To Invite A “Babe” Out And Not Pop Bottles’ – TikTok User

‘It’s Embarrassing For You To Invite A “Babe” Out And Not Pop Bottles’ - TikTok User

A TikTok user has stated that it is embarrassing for men to invite a “babe” out and not pop bottles.

In the video she shared, the lady stated that people should learn how to go to places that fit into their budget. According to her, the club is called a “lifestyle” for a reason.

She also said that if she’s in that position and another guy popping bottles is flirting with her while she’s out with someone else, she will go with that person and not look back.

She also insinuated that what she signed up for is the lifestyle and people popping less expensive bottles shouldn’t expect to take her home as there are other places, they can have fun at too and not necessarily the club.

She also said men should stop embarrassing themselves by going to places they can’t afford.

The TikTok user also took a shot at those who split bills with their friends at the club. She stated that it is embarrassing to be with such people.

She also said that it is embarrassing to be with people who can’t afford another drink before it’s time to go.

She also asked what such persons want her “baddie” friends to think when they run into them at such places.

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