Woman spent $50,000 BUILDING an underground passage beneath her home to keep herself ‘entertained’


A 37-year-old woman who has been building a ‘tunnel system’ under her home for more than a year has become a viral sensation on TikTok.

Details of the unusual DIY project

US-based Kala, who has no formal background in engineering, began the unusual DIY project at her suburban property in August 2022.

She has since spent $50,000 on creating the 30ft-long and 22ft-deep bunker, which she intends to use as a storm shelter.

Meet the TikTok ‘tunnel girl’

Kala, who said she took on the build to keep ‘preoccupied and entertained,’ has now become well-known on the video-sharing platform as ‘tunnel girl’ and boasts more than 332,000 followers.

Kala, who studied business and finance in school, explained how she began the excavation project by ‘cutting an opening’ into the wall of her sub-basement.

She then carved into the solid rock and fabricated an elevator to lift the debris up to the surface.

The self-taught builder then laid hundreds of concrete blocks using hand-mixed concrete to create a 30ft entrance tunnel.

Next on the list

Next on her list was installing an air duct for ventilation and cementing the structure to create a vaulted ceiling.

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Speaking to NBC about completing almost all the work herself, she said: ‘It doesn’t take much for me to pick up a skill.

‘I can often learn skills just by doing it with minimal instruction.’

What is her motivation?

Discussing her motivations, she told the publication: ‘I wouldn’t say doomsday bunker, because I’m not really a prepper or concerned about that kind of thing at all, but I just thought it would be neat to have like a little protective shelter area.

‘And so I started working on that. And also it’s a challenge and I live for challenges.’

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