Man spent 80k fixing his dentition after cocaine abuse and HORROR operations left his teeth falling out


A man who spent almost two years with teeth issues says he splashed out a total of £80k to fix them.

Danny Bennett’s dental problems began in March 2021 when his jaw got infected meaning he had to have all his teeth removed.

How old is Danny?

Danny aged 39, a former cocaine addict says the drug abuse ruined his teeth in his 20s so, in his 30s, he decided to get them fixed.

An initial treatment in 2021 all went well, but then his jaw got infected.

Danny got in touch with a new dentist who said he could redo his teeth after the infection had been treated.

But after several appointments in the UK, he was told he would have to look elsewhere to sort out his smile. He said his teeth got fixed after going public on TikTok.

Man spent 80k fixing his dentition after cocaine abuse and horror operations left his teeth falling out.

Expressing his ordeals

He said: ‘It has been years of agony, pain, and mental torture. I still don’t understand how it all happened.

‘I couldn’t even talk to people at work. I’d be in a heated discussion and my teeth would fall out.

‘I have to laugh about it now but it was horrific – I’m still not fully in a good place mentally. It’s ruined me. It’s horrible.’

His entire diet was reduced to ‘soups, shakes, and soggy bread’ – while his romantic life was non-existent and he had very low self-esteem, he said.

Danny said: ‘They looked and felt terrible.’

Turkey didn’t work out….

He went to Turkey in July 2022 but on the final day of the fitting, he was informed after the operation that he had been fitted with teeth all connected together, and not individually.

Danny said: ‘I kicked off. I don’t know why they did that and didn’t listen. I was furious.’

Once he got home he began ringing them constantly and they agreed to re-do the op a few weeks after the previous one.

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Danny said: ‘I got to the point where I was really upset but at least I could eat properly and actually use them.’

His teeth had all fallen out

However, within three days of getting his second set of teeth, Danny brushed his teeth and went to bed, only to wake up to find they had all fallen out.

‘I was in total panic,’ he said.

He then resorted to using glue on his teeth manually, which he had to re-do every three hours.

Danny said: ‘My mental health was awful, I had always suffered from anxiety, but this was making it even worse, my head was totally gone.

‘As his mental health took a turn for the worse, he published a video describing his ordeal, and begging for a dentist to take him on.

The video attracted 3 million views, and lots of people got in touch.

He finally got treated by Harley Private Dental, in Sheffield, having to visit every other week to put in new, individual teeth.

Danny said: ‘I had to have lots of photos taken, preps for operations, x-rays, route canals, and have my gums pulled back.’

He finally has individual crowns which don’t fall out and don’t hurt, with the final operation taking place three weeks ago.

‘I’m so glad it’s all over, but I think it will take years for me to feel fully myself again.’ he said.

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