Horror as ‘XL Bully’ mauls horse and cart in savage attack leaving animal WITH bloody wounds before cowardly dog owner flees


A ‘blood lust’ dog believed to be an XL Bully launched a savage attack on a horse leaving the animal with bloody wounds, with claims the hound’s cowardly owner fled and hid in a pub.

How The Attack Happened

Karl Canwell was walking his driving horse Doris and cart through Broxbourne Park, in Hertfordshire, on Monday when the unleashed beast suddenly ran up to his animal.

Panicked members of the public parked up their cars and dashed to Mr Canwell’s aid to try and pull the pooch off Doris during the horror mauling, which ravaged the mare’s front and back legs and ripped off her nipples.

The Dog Owner Took Some Hiding

The dog‘s owner pulled off the snarling mutt’s muzzle as he tried to yank him away during the attack, before walking off and hiding in the nearby The White Bear, it is claimed. 

Locals who witnessed the horror attack called 999 but the owner had disappeared by the time officers arrived. 

Victim Impact Statement

Mr Canwell said: ‘I was so overwhelmed with the kindness from the public. 

‘People were parking their cars, running over to try and help get this dog off my horse, and then stayed with me whilst they called the police.

‘After the police came, the guy had already left the pub, but were able to get his details through his cars registration that was parked by the park.’

Injuries Suffered

Doris was left with deep cuts to her front and legs, while Mr Canwell says both of her nipples were ripped off. She was treated by a vet and Mr Canwell fears he now faces a massive bill. 

He also took aim at the police force and accused them of not ‘bothering to get my details’.   

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Victim Impact Statement

‘My son had to go out of his way to get the crime reference, which we eventually got,’ he said.

‘This is my third day of trying to get the police to do something, but they told me and my son that no crime was committed. 

‘My son went out of his way to tell the police that the man had broken the law under the dangerous dog act by having his XL Bully off his leash, still they do not believe a crime was committed. The man has still been seen walking his dog elsewhere!’

‘My son has suggested that the reason as to why the police aren’t bothering with us, is because they think we are travellers as we have a horse. 

‘It’s a bit frightening going out knowing it could happen, the dog had blood lust. It’s not just the owner, it is the dog. These dogs, there’s something not right in their head, they can turn in a sixpence. It was sheer blood lust.’

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