Model Heidi Klum reveals her RACY bedroom secrets and says she’s a ‘total freak’ in the sheets with Tom Kaulitz


BEDROOM SECRETS – Heidi Klum branded her ex Flavio Briatore ‘really old’ in a very candid interview about her love life this week.

The supermodel, 50, who is married to Tom Kaulitz, 34, waxed lyrical about the millionaire, now 73, with whom she shares daughter Leni, 19 on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

The Dating, the Split and the Adoption

Heidi and Briatore began dating in March 2003 when she was 29 and he was 53 but they split while she was pregnant with his child, By the time she gave birth to daughter, Leni in May 2004, she was going out with pop star Seal, 60, who later became Leni’s adoptive father.

Discussing her lack of type when it comes to dating, she said: ‘Look at my past. I don’t have a type. I’ve been with someone bald, really old, long hair, skinny. Their personalities have also been very, very different. 

‘At the end of the day, you want someone who you feel comfortable with. Someone who makes you feel great and sees you and continues to see you.’

The Wild sex with Kaulitz

The star then dished on her ‘endless, hot, wild’ sex life with Kaulitz – revealing the pair ‘go for hours’ in the bedroom and saying that all she has to do to get ‘turned on’ is ‘look at my husband.’

Asked what she’d be on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being a ‘prude’ and 10 being a ‘total freak.’ Heidi responded a ‘9.’

Sex Toys in Playroom

The star also revealed she used sex toys with her husband in the bedroom, her favorite being ‘the wand’ and said: ‘Well why not? Plus if you go for many different hours, you can have many different things happening.’

‘I think it’s easier for the woman than it is for the man, so does the man have that much stamina is the thing. Because the men are usually the ones that can’t go for that long. Or it’s a lot of blood that needs to be pumped in a certain place, so I feel like some can’t do it.’

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‘My Husband can’

 ‘So the key is for them to not have that first … reaction so that it can stay longer. But a lot of guys cannot do that. My husband can.’

The star then made an extremely risque revelation about her sexual past, saying: ‘[I’ve] had many different sausages [in my life]. But I ended up with a German one. The German sausages, what can I say!?’

Wildest Place She had sex

Heidi also revealed the wildest places she had had sex were on a private plane and in the sea. 

When Leni Found her mom’s sex Closet

This comes after Leni recalled the time she found Heidi’s sex closet when she was younger.

‘I thought it was the coolest thing ever!’ the model revealed on Call Her Daddy.

‘I was going through it with my friends. And I was like, ‘Mom, what is this? A microphone?’ I really had no idea what it was. My mom got so mad at me after, like, ‘You can’t go in my stuff!”

Leni continued: ‘I was like showing it off to my friends like, ‘Look at how cool this is. My mom has a whole cupboard, she has a whole drawer.’ And I snuck them into my mom’s room and opened the drawer, and we were all taking videos.’

The America’s Got Talent judge also has a habit of going topless within the confines of her lavish $9.875M six-bedroom mansion located in Bel-Air’s exclusive gated community of Stone Ridge.

‘I would have birthday parties at the house. Or I’d have friends over, like my boyfriend over. And she tans topless by the pool,’ Leni said. 

‘And I remember having my girlfriends over and I’d be so embarrassed and like, scared, because usually in like my friend’s families, I never see my friend’s moms tanning naked at the pool. But I thought it was normal. And my friends would always be like, kinda stand off-ish but it was so normal in our family.’

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