Radio hosts left in disbelief after caller claims Lakers star LeBron James is overrated, AND doesn’t shoot the ball correctly


LOS ANGELES – A caller to an ESPN radio show in Los Angeles left the two hosts stunned after going on a shocking anti-LeBron James rant live on air.

The listener, named Job, called into ‘The Travis & Sliwa Show’ and went on to leave the pair – Travis Rodgers and Allen Sliwa – in disbelief at his argument against the Lakers forward.

What he Said in Full

The caller started off his tirade by saying he was ‘not a LeBron James fan,’ before the two hosts asked why and opened up the proverbial rabbit hole the rest of the rant spewed from.

‘I’m not into people in general who are just full of themselves and I don’t think there’s ever been another athlete that’s more full of themselves than he is,’ Job began.

‘Anyone who calls themselves the best player ever…You don’t call yourself the best player ever. You let other people say it. We don’t need to hear you say it.’

‘Jokic is a much better player than LeBron is,’ he continued. ‘LeBron’s just been catered to his entire life.’

His Argument

Sliwa then attempted to argue the point that other athletes in the conversation for best of all time did not have their personalities liked by every single fan, but that did not detract from their accomplishments.

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‘My point also if you want to just say basketball, I’ve played a lot of basketball and I’ve been around a lot of it. It’s a touch you have on the ball,’ Job continued.  

‘I’ve never liked how he shoots, I don’t like the touch he has. Paul Gasol, Jokic, these people have these beautiful shots.’

After cutting Job off in frustration because the rant ‘made [his] brain shut off,’ Rodgers pointed out that James had the most points in NBA history despite the caller claiming that James ‘shoots wrong.’

Meanwhile, LeBron is Making Records

What’s more, James is currently closing in on scoring 40,000 career points in the NBA – a feat no other player has got close to.

James is once again putting up impressive numbers for the Lakers, despite a tough season that has seen the team’s record fall to 24-25.

The 19-time All-NBA player is currently averaging 24.9 points, 7.7 assists, and 7.5 rebounds.

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