Who is Rafael Nadal’s wife? Meet Mery “Xisca” Perelló and all about her

Who is Rafael Nadal's wife? Meet Mery

Rafael Nadal is widely recognised in the tennis sphere, yet there’s one person he has consistently kept away from public scrutiny – his wife, Maria Francisca “Xisca” Perelló. Known by both “Xisca” and “Mery,” she has been a constant presence in Rafael’s life since his remarkable career. He clinched his initial French Open victory when they were said to have commenced their relationship.

Who is Rafael Nadal's wife? Meet Mery "Xisca" Perelló and all about her

Xisca, as she is popularly known, and her husband dated for long before they decided to spend the rest of their lives with each other in marriage. She has been a reserved partner to the famous professional tennis player and his biggest supporter since their school days. Invariably, she supports from where the media would rarely have easy access to – their home.

10 facts about Mery “Xisca” Perelló

Nadal and his wife keep a considerable part of their private life away from the public space, making it a task to know much about Mery Perelló. Here are some astonishing facts about Rafael Nadal’s wife that would leave anyone struck and curious.

Xisca is 35 years old as of 2023

Xisca was born on 7 July 1988 making her 35 years old in 2023. She is two years younger than her husband Nadal who was born on 3 June 1986 and is 37 years old in 2023. Xisca’s birth sign is Cancer. Her father is Bernat Perelló, while her mother is Maria Pascual.

She comes from the same town as Nadal

Like Rafael Nadal, her husband, Mery, is Spanish and came from the town of Mallorca, which is touted as the largest island in Spain’s Balearic Islands. The most thrilling part is that she attended the same high school as her husband, except they were in different class levels.

After high school, she proceeded to the University of the Balearic Islands until 2010, graduating with a business management degree. She did post-graduate studies in Barcelona.

She works for the Rafa Nadal Foundation

Rafael Nadal’s wife, Mery Perelló, first worked as a sports marketer in London. In 2012, Perelló was employed by the Rafa Nadal Foundation. She initially joined as a project manager before becoming CEO in November 2019. Additionally, she serves as a secretary on the board of trustees.

Who is Rafael Nadal's wife? Meet Mery "Xisca" Perelló and all about her

Rafa Nadal’s Foundation operates in Spain and India with the intention of enabling children to undergo the “transformative power of sport and education,” as stated on their website. Launched in 2008, Nadal and his mother, Ana Maria Parera, founded the charity.

Maria Francisca dated Rafael Nadal for 14 years

Rafael Nadal and Mery Perelló took their dating period to extra length as they dated for 17 years starting in 2005. Nevertheless, their love stood the test of time, and they finally chose to spend their lives together after their engagement in 2018.

She married in 2019

On 19 October 2019, Xisca and Nadal exchanged vows in a grand ceremony held at La Fortaleza castle in Majorca, the birthplace of the groom and bride. Approximately 350 guests, including actors Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman, and Hugh Laurie, attended the wedding.

Nadal’s wife always vacations with her husband

Although Spain is their primary residence, Mery and husband, Nadal, frequently embark on journeys and vacations. This is evident in the occasional Instagram snapshots captured and shared on their social media accounts. Their travels have included a visit to Basel, Switzerland, in 2015 and a leisurely day spent in southeastern France in 2017.

Who is Rafael Nadal's wife? Meet Mery "Xisca" Perelló and all about her
Who is Rafael Nadal's wife? Meet Mery "Xisca" Perelló and all about her
Who is Rafael Nadal's wife? Meet Mery "Xisca" Perelló and all about her
Who is Rafael Nadal's wife? Meet Mery "Xisca" Perelló and all about her

She gave birth to a baby boy in 2022

On 8 October 2022, Xisca and her husband celebrated the arrival of their first child as Perelló gave birth to a baby boy, Rafael, in Mallorca. Mery gave birth at a private clinic on the island, necessitating her to undergo observation and complete rest during the final weeks leading up to the delivery.

This joyous event occurred two weeks after Nadal’s emotionally charged final match against his long-time friend and rival, Roger Federer.

She was in the stands supporting Nadal in 2022

Xisca seldom appears in the stands when her husband is playing his matches. In 2020, she watched each four-set game of Nadal’s victory against Nick Kyrgios.

In July 2022, she witnessed an unforgettable triumph as her husband secured a remarkable victory over Taylor Fritz during the Wimbledon quarterfinals. Regrettably, the tennis athlete had to withdraw from the remaining tournament due to the challenges posed by an abdominal tear.

Who is Rafael Nadal's wife? Meet Mery "Xisca" Perelló and all about her

Why does she not follow Nadal everywhere for matches?

Mery was concerned that her presence would disrupt her sweetheart’s focus if she attended every event. In an interview with The Telegraph in 2011, she said, “he needs his space when he is competing, and just the idea of me hanging around and waiting on his needs all day tires me out.

It would asphyxiate me. And then he would have to be worrying about me… No. If I followed him everywhere, I think there’s a risk we might stop getting along.

She is involved in philanthropy

Maria Perelló oversees much of Rafael Nadal’s philanthropic strides through his foundation, which she manages.

Mery Perello, known for her discretion and elegance, has maintained a private profile despite being in the public eye as the wife of tennis icon Rafael Nadal. Her commitment to philanthropy, particularly in childhood education and social causes, reflects her dedication beyond the glamorous world of sports.

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