Bianca Censori fans in shock after hearing her ‘real voice’ BEFORE her rise to stardom


Bianca Censori‘s fans are left in shock when they learn about her real voice in an unearthed throwback video before she camped her tent with Kanye West.

It was when she was Yeezy’s apprentice – she was representing Kanye West at the CFS Summit in Paris in 2022.

There is a big difference between ‘old’ Bianca and today’s Bianca as she was looking different with a more natural makeup covering and long brunette hair which she sported before cutting it shorter in more recent months.

Explaining about her job as a former Yeezy employee in the video: ‘I’m an architectural designer from Melbourne, Australia. I currently reside in Los Angeles and I’m a lead architectural designer at Yeezy.’

‘In my time there, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to work with designers like James Turrell, Valerio Olgiati, and Vincent Van Duyson. 

‘My passion for architecture lies in fabrication, conceptualizing the future of built space, and exploring the bridge between the physical and the meta.’

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Fans React

Fans were left in shock at her demure and professional appearance and were baffled by her ‘real voice.

One wrote on Reddit: ‘It’s wild that this is the first time hearing her voice. That’s the first I’ve ever heard her talk??’

Another said: ‘Oh, she sounds normal. The LA valley girl uptalk has gotten to her a bit, but aside from that she sounds normal.’

A third said: ‘I really wasn’t prepared for her voice. There’s nothing wrong with it, but idk, I guess I thought she’d sound different? I’m not even sure what I was expecting tbh.’

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