Louis Theroux, 53, UNVEILS new tattooed eyebrows in his fight with alopecia


Louis Theroux who is going strong in his alopecia battle has revealed his latest curves as he’s doing everything possible to keep ‘living’.

Louis Theroux Health Updates

He has now undergone microblading three months after shaving his eyebrows off. In December 2023, Louis revealed he has shaved off his eyebrows.

But on Wednesday, he took to Instagram to share a series of selfies alongside a lengthy caption revealing he had undergone eyebrow treatment –having his eyebrows semi-permanently tattooed.

In his caption, the documentarian explained his choice to undergo the treatment: ‘I realise there are much bigger things to worry about in the world but… a while ago I shared that my eyebrows had basically disappeared due to alopecia…


Says ‘Life Goes On’

‘I received a lot of nice messages, some suggesting I try “microblading”, a form of temporary tattoo. So that’s what I did! It took two sessions of a couple of hours…

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The 53-year-old continued: ‘I’m happy to have my old face back. The new brows are neater and more shapely than my “real” ones were. But there are a couple of wisps of my remaining hair in there which help make them look more natural.’

‘Meanwhile more gaps – or “lesions” to use the technical term – have appeared on my scalp. I have photos of those which I may share at some point or I may not – they are a bit weird and depressing to look at tbh…

He concluded: ’Life goes on. I am happy and healthy in every other way and I feel very grateful.’

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