Man, 20, is found guilty of RAPING 15-year-old girl after tricking her to assault her


A sex predator who raped a 15-year-old girl at Bournemouth has been found guilty after he tricked her.

Findings reveal he took her out to sea off the coast in order to assault her.

How The Girl Was Tricked

Gabriel Marinoaica has been pronounced guilty of three charges of sexual assault and one charge of rape after tricking the teenager to a game of catch with a beach ball in the shallows.

As DailyMail reports, Marinoaica, who was 18 at the time, caught the ball after it was kicked in his direction. Then the victim came to get it back only for him to grab her arm and took her out into the depths off the coast, where she is vulnerable as she could not swim.

He then groped her, forcibly kissed her and raped her – only stopping the attack when one of his friends approached him. His DNA was matched with a sample found in the child’s bikini bottoms. 

Court Ruling

Judge Susan Evans KC remanded Marinoaica in custody to be sentenced on April 19 – and told him he was facing jail when he returns to court.

She told him: ‘You have been convicted by the jury of what are really serious offences. It was a brazen thing to have done in broad daylight on the beach.

‘I am afraid I cannot grant you bail but I order a pre-sentence report, the only outcome is custody in any event.’

Court Heard

Ellie Fargin, prosecuting, told Bournemouth Crown Court the teen, now 17, had been in the sea where she came with her friends as tourists in the sea of the Dorset resort on Sunday July 18 2021 when she started playing with a ball with another group in the water.

After her two friends had gone back to the beach, the complainant had gone to fetch the ball when it had been kicked away and had been picked up by the defendant, Ms Fargin said.

She said that Marinoaica initially refused to give the ball back but did so when the complainant asked a second time.

The defendant asked her name and her age before telling him her name and that he was from Birmingham, she said.

Then He ‘Took Her Out’

Ms Fargin said: ‘It was at this point the defendant pulled at (her) arm and pulled her out to sea.

‘(She) could no longer touch the bottom, she really was in deep water. (She) told the defendant: ‘No, get off me,’ but he ignored her.

‘He was touching her everywhere, she was uncomfortable and wanted to get out but the defendant pulled her out further.’

She said the defendant then asked her if she wanted to ‘smash’, meaning to have sex, which the complainant said she did not want to.

Then He Violated Her The More

Ms Fargin said that the defendant then groped the complainant and kissed her before he raped her for about a minute until someone approached.

She added that the complainant had said she could not scream because Marinoaica had his hand over her mouth.

Ms Fargin said: ‘He took her out of her depth, he made her vulnerable, she couldn’t even swim, he might not have known that but he might have known she could not touch the bottom.

‘And why did he do that? So he could do what he wanted to do. She didn’t consent, and we say he knew that – he simply didn’t care.’

The prosecutor said that the complainant later told her family and they informed the police.

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Victim Impact Statement

The girl, who is unidentified, giving evidence during the trial, said: ‘He was touching my bum and I kept telling him no, I was uncomfortable. He said ‘should we smash?’ I said no, I was uncomfortable.

‘He put his hand over my mouth. I was only with him for about six minutes then his mate came over so I was able to push him away and get out of the sea.

‘I was trying to push the water because I can’t swim, I was trying to get back.

‘I went to my friends, I was crying and told them what happened. I tried to go to the toilets, he was running after me, trying to get me to Snapchat. 

‘I said I didn’t have it and he started calling me a liar. My friend said go away, she needs to go the toilet.’

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