Moscow attack suspects’ neighbours SAY one was a violent drunk and another ‘a calm and successful’ barber


Neighbours of the suspected Moscow Concert Hall attackers have made an interesting revelation about what three of them are, ‘behind the scene’ and in their neighborhood – explaining one of them as a violent drunk, and another as a successful barber, who had a great career ahead of him – but no more.

Meet Shamsidin Fariduni

Shamsidin Fariduni, one of four attackers detained by Moscow’s security services allegedly threatened to attack a dog walker in a drunken fit of rage sometime last year.

According to the neighbor, she explained how 25-year-old Fariduni got drunk last year and nearly ran her over as she was walking her dog, and even screamed at her without provoking him.

‘I saw that he was completely drunk, and I answered him. I went around the car to continue walking on the other side and he drove right up to my legs,’ she said, adding that Fariduni then began swearing at her and threatened to assault her.

The resident who is not named for security reason said she contacted the police to report what happened, but said officers never got back to her till now.

Meet the Youngest of the Terrorist, Muhammadsobir Faizov

In a different case to the second shooter mentioned, neighbors reveal that Muhammadsobir Faizov, 19, who is the youngest of the four was described as a successful barber.

He reportedly has worked in various high-end salons and had built a group of regular clients in the city of Ivanovo northeast of Moscow.

‘He was a ”calm” person and a hard worker who often worked seven days a week, but generally kept himself to himself and did not speak Russian fluently,’ neighbors agreed as they say he did not even arouse a suspicion.

Meet Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev

And the third of them.– Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, 32, works as a taxi driver, a neighbor said.

He is believed to have purchased the car used in the attack from a member of the family detained on Monday by Russian authorities.

The detained man was registered on a temporary visa in Novosibirsk until January but had since been living under an expired residency permit.

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What a Club Member Said About Dalerdzhon

‘(Mirzoyev) lived with me in the same microdistrict, the Zatulinsky residential area (of Novosibirsk). I also went to the Zeus sports club for MMA,’ one anonymous member of the gym told Lenta, before insisting: ‘Personally, I didn’t know him, of course.’

Mirzoyev, is described as a keen amateur wrestler and his training ground is at a Mixed Martial Arts gym in the city of Novosibirsk.

The revelations come as a father and his two sons were hauled in front of Moscow court on suspicion of providing the terrorists with vehicles and logistical support ahead of their slaughter of about 139 concertgoers.

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