Dangerous Game! Tourists FIGHT over ‘best selfie spots’ on over 15,000 ft mountain peak


A 15,354ft China mountain peak that has attracted tourists from parts of the world has also caused them to throw punches as they push one another for the very best photo spots.

Security guards had to step in to control a group of tourists after they began battling for the best selfie spot at the top of the mountain.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a popular tourist attraction, known for its scenic views and cable cars.

On March 24, quite number of people in groups were seen standing in the snow with umbrellas and raincoats, trying to edge towards the side in order to get the best view before the fighting broke out.

How Fight Broke Out

The brawl started when an impatient tourist pushed and punched the person in his front. That’s how the fire is lit, then its furnace went round.

From two persons to many more as the action gets thicker, leading to a mass brawl over who was next in line to snap a photo in the ‘most-coveted’ spot.

The video shows several adults shoving and pushing each other in the middle of a bewildered crowd on the observation deck of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, in Yunnan province.

Meanwhile, some dozens of others were seem waiting in a circle around the group that was fighting in the middle, as they are trying their best to dodge punches.

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Police later confirmed the parties involved have since reconciled.

But the incident won’t end without some viewers reacting to the situation online. One said: ‘It’s too shameful for people who have money and leisure.’ Another commented: ‘They have made an appointment to compete at the Jade Dragon Peak. Don’t join in the fun.’

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