Secret camera footage SHOWS ‘suffering and smiling’ husband threatened with a knife by an abusive wife


20 years and counting, and this man has been abused in his home or better put, his wife’s home during her 20-year reign of terror.

One of The Terror Moments

Awful never-before-seen footage from a nanny cam has revealed how a man has been suffering and smiling.

In one of the many moments a battered husband cowered on the floor while his wife hurled abuse at him as she brandished a knife at him.

Damning videos of Sheree Spencer’s attacks on husband Richard were captured on cameras the couple had installed to monitor their children.

And explosive clips from police interviews show Sheree casually lying about her husband being the abuser, only for her face to turn ashen when confronted with the footage. 

On one occasion she defecated on the floor and forced him to clean it up, and on another she beat him with a wine bottle so hard it permanently disfigured his ear. 

Court Ruling

Sheree, 45, was jailed for four years at Hull Crown Court in March last year by Judge Kate Rayfield, who told her: ‘This is the worst case of controlling and coercive behaviour I have seen.’

Now, Mr Spencer is sharing his story in vivid detail in Channel 5 documentary My Wife, My Abuser: The Secret Footage, which airs on Monday.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Mr Spencer felt his harrowing experiences should be seen to raise awareness of the type of abuse men can suffer in their daily lives at the hands of violent partners but Sheree tried to block it.

He said: ‘Sheree tried to stop the documentary being broadcast in the crown court but failed, then she applied for a prohibited steps order through the family court, which luckily was rejected and thrown out at the first hearing.

‘The broadcast has been delayed due to the legal challenges for about six months, but now it is finally going to be shown.

‘I’m hopeful that the film will be well received and will make a difference,’ DailyMail reports.

Nanny Practically Helped The Man

The hidden nanny cam gave a vital way out for battered husband Mr Spencer after he endured years of physical and verbal abuse from his wife, that left him ‘broken’ on the floor in a foetal position.

How Spencer Met His Wife

Mr Spencer had met his wife in a nightclub in 2000, and the pair married on a Thai beach in 2009.

After they welcomed the eldest of their three daughters in 2015, Mr Spencer installed the nanny cam so they could keep watch over her.

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Instead, footage showed furious wine-fuelled tirades, in which Sheree would call her husband ‘fat boy,’ ‘a p**sy’ and ‘dumb dumb’ and inflict bruises and scratches that he would need to cover with make-up before going outside. 

Mr Spencer told The Sun: ‘We had two [cameras] — one in the playroom and one in the bedroom. They were there for reassurance, to keep an eye out because it’s a big house.

‘It was on something like a 28-day roll, where if something new came in it would delete the old footage.’

When police finally became involved, Mr Spencer handed over 43 images of his bruised face, taken on different dates following savage assaults he had suffered. 

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