Tyreek Hill pissed at Rick Ross after house fire, Why DIDN’T you call me?


Tyreek Hill has a bone to pick with Rick Ross claiming the rap superstar should’ve given him a call instead of posting his burning house all over social media.

What Rick Ross Allegedly Did Wrong?

Rozay — who lives right across the street from the Miami Dolphins receiver — documented the smoky scene from his yard on Jan. 3 providing his millions of followers with commentary and speculating the blaze was sparked by an electrical problem.

What Tyreek Wanted Him to do

Hill was less than thrilled by Ross’ reaction ’cause when speaking about the accident on ‘The Pivot,’ he admitted he felt the musician should’ve blown up his phone.

‘First off, I just wanna say, Rick Ross, bro — I can’t vibe with you now, bro,’ Hill said. ‘I can’t f*** with you no more, bro.’

‘Rick Ross, man. You had the audacity to talk to a fireman instead of come protect — you got my number, bro,’ Hill continued. ‘You get on Twitter, posting me all over Twitter, like, after what me and my family went through. You’re supposed to be the neighbor — the neighborhood hero!!’

Statement From Witness

Former Jaguars star and Pivot cohost Fred Taylor — who also lives near Hill and Ross — shared his side of the emergency, saying he saw Ross recording the whole thing on his celly.

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Fred Says More

He explained there were a ton of firetrucks outside by the time he knew what was going on but Cheetah didn’t seem to be bothered at all, especially because Taylor didn’t throw video up on the internet for everyone to see.

Hill also took issue with how Ross name-dropped Wing Stop during the whole fiery fiasco adding, ‘Don’t try to use me for promotion, bro!!’

What Started The Fire?

As for the fire itself, Hill said he’s still trying to get answers from his family members but officials believe the fire started after one of his kids played with a lighter.

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