Why Kate Garraway doesn’t ‘FEEL loved’ by husband Derek Draper is REVEALED in emotional documentary


Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway has opened up about her relationship with husband Derek Draper during his final days and candidly said in a documentary that she ‘doesn’t feel loved’ … Is this her way of saying she feels used?

The documentary, Kate Garraway: Derek’s Story, which chronicles the former political lobbyist’s final year of life before his death in January aged 56 will air on ITV on Tuesday

Joining Derek and Kate in May 2023, the film focuses on the reality of Derek’s struggles and the effect on those around him while also detailing the sweet moments he spent with family in never-before-seen images and footage. 

In scenes from the upcoming documentary, Kate was asked if she ‘accepts you’ll have to care for him forever?’ 

How Derek’s Illness Impacted Their Marriage

She responded: ‘That bit yes I have accepted that completely. I think that’s our role. But how that translates into the relationship is a work in progress.’ 

The 56-year-old revealed more about how Derek’s condition had impacted their 19-year marriage, and explained: ‘Sometimes you show love with a big bouquet of roses or bringing a cup of tea and he can’t do any of that for me.

He Does Not Show He Loves Me

‘So he’s trying to work out how to love me. I know he loves me but how does he show that?’

Admitting there are moments when she doesn’t ‘feel’ it from her husband, Kate added: ‘I’m trying to work out if I feel loved by him.

‘I know I am but we’ve got a whole journey there.’ 

Kate’s Tragedy Concerning Derek’s Illness

Elsewhere in the documentary, Kate opened up about her heartbreak for Derek himself, sharing: ‘The tragedy for me is that it feels like his brain was his best friend and now it’s his worst enemy.’ 

Detailing a rough patch he was going through, Kate shared: ‘He has been very down. 

‘Wondering about the future a lot of crying. “I’ve let everybody down and what is the meaning of life? what can I contribute?”

Kate Garraway Breaks Silence After Announcing Heartbreaking Death Of Husband Derek Draper

‘The thing that helps that is having that sense of purpose, remind him these things take time even if I don’t really know if that’s the answer.’ 

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In another captured moment, Derek was writing in his bed as Kate watched on, with the Good Morning Britain presenter remarking his handwriting was ‘not as clear’ as before but recalling: ‘When I first saw you write your name I burst into tears. You’re still there.’

Kate also opened up about the staggering debt she amounted caring for Derek, admitting she’s now in a ‘survival mode’. 

Faced with a debt of up to £800,000, Kate opened up: ‘Derek’s care costs more than my salary from ITV and that’s before you pay for a mortgage or household bills or anything for the kids – so that is a crunch point.

‘We are in debt and I can’t earn enough money to cover my debt because I’m managing Derek’s care. 

‘I can’t even use the money I do have to support Derek’s recovery because it’s going to the basics all the time.

She continued: ‘I’m not going to pretend I’m poorly paid but it’s not enough. 

‘Time and time again the state tells us Derek is not sick enough to qualify for state funded care. 

‘I’ve appealed but that still hasn’t been processed three years later. If this is what’s it like for me then what’s it like for everybody else?’

Since 2021 – Derek’s Health Struggles

In 2021, just over a year after contracting Covid 19, he was able to leave hospital and return to his family home in north London, with round-the-clock care.

In August 2022 he was taken to hospital with sepsis and overcame. Then in early December 2023, Derek suffered a heart attack and was taken to hospital again.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to overcome the latest medical emergency before he died on January 5.

In an online post announcing his death, she said that her husband died surrounded by family and that she was ‘holding his hand throughout the last long hours’.

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