Brad Pitt calls ex Angelina Jolie ‘hypocrite’ for refusing to sign NDA over French vineyard


Brad Pitt calls ex-wife Angelina Jolie ‘a hypocrite’ after refusing to sign Non Disclosure Agreement in the sale of their French vineyard despite regularly gagging her own staff with similar contracts.

This comes 24 hours after Jolie’s team filed new lawsuit which claimed that Pitt was physically abusive to her before their 2016 row on a plane which led to their divorce.

What is Happening?

The ex-couple have been locked in a bitter battle over their French vineyard and home after the Tomb Raider star sold her $64million stake to Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler in 2021.

Reason why the battle over the French vineyard is intense is not far fetched – the vineyard produces an award-winning sparkling rosé. So whoever takes it home is a winner, at least on paper.

Court Heard

Court documents claims that Jolie, 48, walked out of talks to sell her part of the vineyard to Pitt, 60, for $54million because of standard non-disparagement clause in his proposed contract for the sale.

Angelina Refuses

An attempt she calls ‘unconscionable’ effort by Pitt to ‘control her’ after their split.

Brad is Refusing Also

However, Pitt’s lawyers accuse Joe of ‘adamant refusing’ to produce other NDAs that she signed or requested others to sign, and insists that they are not relevant.

They argue that disclosure of her NDAs will ultimately discredit Jolie’s arguments over why she abandoned the talks with her estranged husband.

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Court documents state: ‘If Jolie conditioned her continued employment of an individual on that individual’s agreement to an NDA covering what they witnessed in her home—including her treatment of her children and Pitt—that would be highly probative of whether she truly believed the provision requested by Pitt was an ‘unconscionable gag order.’

‘The same is true with respect to any NDA between Jolie and any third party with whom she is in a relationship or who has assisted with the care of the couple’s children.

‘To the extent that Jolie requested this third party’s silence about her family or home life, particularly in a circumstance where there was no business justification, it would speak volumes about whether Jolie actually viewed Pitt’s requested NDA, which was linked to the Miraval business, as the deal-ender she subsequently alleged it to be.’

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