Husband murdered wife, chopped her into 224 PIECES, then dumped the parts in plastic bags in a river


An ‘evil’ husband murdered his wife in the most inhumane way ever. He cut her body before storing the remains in their flat.

How He Carried Out the Crime

A week later, Nicholas Metson, 28, carried the chopped parts of Holly Bramley, 26, and dumped the body parts in plastic bags and a ‘bag for life’ in a river.

Eventually light shines on his evil works as her remains were eventually found eight days after she was last seen.

What He Told Police

Court heard that Nicholas made a weird remark to cops when they were searching for her wife, he said to them: ‘She might be hiding under the bed’.

The pair had only for married 16 months and were on the verge of separating when Metson murdered her.

What Police Found

Police investigations found out how he goggle-searched ‘What benefits do I get if my wife has died’ and ‘Can someone haunt me after they die.’

This is not the first time Metson had been cruel, as it is revealed that he once punished his wife by killing their pets in gruesome fashion – he dumped his wife’s new puppy in a washing machine, leaving her to discover the dead dog inside with the drum still spinning.

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There are enough reasons to believe the victim was ‘controlled and manipulated’ by her husband as it emerged that Metson also killed her hamsters in another occasion – by putting them in a food blender and the microwave oven, and once fled to a police station with her pet rabbits to escape him.

Court Ruling

Metson pleaded guilty to murder last month. He had previously admitted conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by disposing of Ms Bramley’s body on 25 March.

Hancock, also 28, of Waddington, Lincolnshire, pleaded guilty to obstructing a coroner in the execution of his duty by helping to dispose of Ms Bramley’s body.

Metson and Hancock will be sentenced on Monday.

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