I asked TikTok to guess my age and was SHOCKED by the answers I got


An Australian woman Emily Jane recently asked people to guess her age and was surprised at the response she got.

The 36-year-old woman thinks everyone is ‘so used to seeing faces with filters, photoshop, and cosmetic procedures that they’ve lost touch with reality’.

She was ‘shocked’ at all the ‘wild’ responses her video received from both young and old viewers.

The Wild Replies

‘I’m 57 and I think you’re my age, maybe a few years younger,’ a woman guessed under Emily’s TikTok.

‘You’re in your mid-40s,’ another declared. ‘It’s your grey hair, skin, the fine lines around your eyes, and frown lines.’

Emily said they she stopped dyeing her hair in lockdown.

‘I embraced my grey. Women want to feel comfortable being themselves. We’re all tired of trying to be 25 all the time,’ Emily said.

‘I know most people my age won’t show their grey hair, but this is the truth.’

She Started Growing Grey at 19

Emily started going grey when she was 19 years old and a lot of people think it’s a marker of old age or being over 50.

‘I’ve never got Botox, I’m not wearing any makeup, I’ve never had any work done,’ she said in the video.

She also pointed out that she has bags under her eyes because she has an infant son who keeps her awake at night. 

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Telling the world her age does not stop commenters sending her age reviews.

‘You look great for a 55-year-old,’ one said. 

‘I’d say you were 37 to be nice, but in reality you look like you’re 44. It’s the skin under your eyes and your hair,’ another wrote. 

’36 going on 60. It probably is the hair that ages you but you are still very gorgeous,’ a man wrote. 

A 15-year-old thought she was 42, while another 60-year-old said Emily looked the same age as her.

A handful of people in their mid-30s and late-20s correctly guessed that Emily was 36.

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