Entitled woman with ‘service dog’ lashes out at cashier after being asked to LEAVE gas station


A Canadian woman lashed out at a gas store cashier for allegedly refusing to accommodate her service dog – and captured the expletive-laced confrontation on video.

Video uploaded to Reddit shows the woman walking inside a Co-Op Gas Bar in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta with the camera on her cellphone rolling.

What Happened?

The woman started, ‘This is what happens when someone tells you you can’t have your service dog in a f***ing gas station.’

She then swings the camera around to face her Great Dane, who stands beside her.

‘This is my service dog, super really well behaved, with his access card, that I showed.’

The woman redirects her phone at the cashier standing behind the counter. ‘This guy likes his job, right? You like your job? I f***ing thought you did.’

How She Harassed the Cashier

The woman hurls obscenities at the man before adding, ‘You know this is on video right?’ and asking if he likes his job again.

‘You can’t put me on the camera,’ the man says.

‘I can put you on camera because we’re in public,’ the woman retorts, stepping closer to the counter. The man turns his face away in an attempt to evade the camera.

The Man Needs an ID

The woman continues to insist that the animal is a service dog, but the man says he needs an ID.

‘There’s no such thing,’ the woman shouts. 

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A text overlay on the video, which was originally uploaded to Instagram, reads, ‘This is my third abusive altercation in a year. My heart is broken. No wonder I’m so determined to advocate for the problems we’ve had. I’m so sick of people!!!!!’

The woman further alleges that filming began after the man ‘swore’ at her, ‘threatened police‘ and ‘chased’ her outside.

‘The chronicles of taking my Service dog ANYWHERE!!’ the caption proclaimed.

While a service dog does not have to wear a vest or other identifier, the handler must carry an Alberta service dog identification card under the 2007 Service Dog Act.

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