Met Gala: Lauren Sanchez And Jeff Bezos Make Entrance On The Red Carpet

Met Gala: Lauren Sanchez And Jeff Bezos Make Entrance On The Red Carpet

Lauren Sánchez has faced significant backlash on social media regarding her attire, particularly for a revealing dress worn at a recent White House state dinner.

Just last night, she showcased her signature style at a pre-Met Gala party honoring Monse designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia.

For the occasion, Sánchez opted for a strapless see-through black lace Monse mega mini dress, a departure from the usual aesthetic associated with the designers, who also helm the Oscar de la Renta label. Predictably, the lingerie-like ensemble received similar criticism.

Stepping onto the Met Gala red carpet for the first time alongside her future husband, Jeff Bezos, one of the wealthiest individuals globally, Sánchez’s attire was noteworthy but not the most revealing or attention-grabbing of the evening. This year’s Met Gala saw an abundance of corsets, cleavage, and daring dresses.

In contrast, Sánchez’s choice of a theme-appropriate Oscar de la Renta mega-gown was a departure from her usual style. Although both her pre-Met Gala and main event looks were crafted by the same design team, they diverged significantly.

Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim described their design aesthetic for the gown as “elevated” and “polished.” The gown featured a black velvet corset and a voluminous skirt resembling stained glass, constructed from actual plexiglass shards, presenting a potential hazard.

Known for her adventurous spirit, Sánchez, who pilots her own helicopters, expressed her desire to step outside her typical style. She explained to Vogue upon arrival, “I didn’t want people saying ‘Oh, that’s so Lauren — sexy, low cut. I said, ‘No, I think I’m going to try something else.” The skirt, featuring hues of black, silver, and white resembling a cracked mirror or pieces of tile, pays homage to Art Nouveau and the stained-glass work of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Dubbed the Reflective Rosette mosaic ball gown, the dress includes a corseted black velvet bustier and approximately 2,000 hand-dyed mosaic pieces forming the skirt. Crafting the gown required approximately 600 hours of meticulous work.

Even restaurateur Keith McNally, a recent Sánchez critic, was a fan of her Met Gala look. “It never feels good when reality doesn’t fit one’s narrative, but I must admit that Bezos and Sánchez both looked stunning and very beautiful tonight,” he posted on Instagram.

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