Angel Strawbridge says she will NOT apologise for how she reacted to Escape To The Chateau producer


Angel Strawbridge has laid bare her mind for the first time to defend herself over the foul-mouthed rant that led Channel 4 to drop her as she explained she fell into a pre-laid trap.

The 45-year-old TV star admitted that while she wishes the incident hadn’t happened she will not apologise for what she did. 


AS, was engulfed in a bullying scandal which led to Channel 4 cutting ties May 2023 following an independent investigation.

The TV channel confirmed they would no longer work with AS and her husband on any new productions ‘after they were branded ‘spiky and volatile’.

A leaked recording revealed Angel branding a producer a ‘F***ed up little c**t’.

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Speaking on Elizabeth Day’s podcast How To Fail, Angel confessed in that moment she saw red: ‘I was the one in the wrong for losing my temper, but do you know what, I will not apologise – he was so disrespectful in our house, he was so upsetting to me, my family, and I stand by what I did.

‘If I was to apologise and say “I’m sorry for using bad language and chucking you out” I would just be disingenuous to me.’

She continued: ‘Would I like to erase that? Yeah, I’d love to. But I would also like to erase what he was doing because my rage just didn’t pop out of nowhere.

‘It grew over time and it was provoked and therefore I’m not ashamed of what happened in the end, I just wish it hadn’t happened.’

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