North West HANGS UP on Kim Kardashian and call HER a ‘cringe mom’


On the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kim revealed why her kids North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm all find her pretty embarrassing.

Her explanation came as footage showed her at a photoshoot for GQ’s ‘Man of the Year,’ saying that while she felt like she had ‘a little bit of clout’ at the shoot, ‘At home, I’ve turned into the embarrassing mom, the cringey mom.’


In a confessional, which son Saint crashed, she then asked whether he felt she was ‘a cool mom or a cringey mom’ — with her son saying the latter. ‘Are you the new North? North says I’m cringe,’ she added.

She then gave an example of a recent moment that left her kids shaking their heads at their mother.


‘My kids, they say ”gyatt,” and gyatt means a big butt. I got it off TikTok and it makes you feel so old, when you don’t know what the slang words are,” she explained.

‘So I was like, ”Guys, we’re late, we gyatt to go. And they were like, ”Mom, you’re so embarrassing!'”

She then called up North on the phone, telling her daughter she told producers the ‘gyatt’ story — which only prompted the 10-year-old to tell her, ‘You’re so cringey because you’re saying those words.’

‘Gyatt damn,’ Kim then exclaimed … as North hung up on her.

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