Biden ‘repeatedly’ watched his dog ATTACK Secret Service – staffs are wishing each other ‘safe shift’


President Biden, 81, repeatedly watched his German shepherd Commander attack Secret Service members.

Now the SS members are now wishing each other a ‘safe shift’ as the number of incidents mounted, with one exasperated workplace safety professional urging the use of a muzzle, agency records show.


The number of dog attacks involving Commander, who the White House said in February was given away after more than two years of terrorizing professionals assigned to protect Biden; and former first dog Major, who was rehomed in 2021 after also attacking personnel; could top three dozen, the newly surfaced records suggest.

President Biden reportedly accused a Secret Service member of lying about being attacked by Major during his first year in office, but was present for at least three separate attacks involving Commander, files released to Judicial Watch under Freedom of Information Act litigation show.

A previously unreported incident on Sept. 12, 2023, featured a pair of bites in which Commander tore holes in a Secret Service member’s suit as Biden took him for a walk in the Kennedy Garden along the South Lawn of the White House.

The president ‘took Commander (on a leash) to the Kennedy Garden this evening for a walk,’ the special agent assigned to the Presidential Protective Division wrote in a report.


‘While [Biden] and Commander were in the Kennedy Garden I was standing half way from the Book-Sellers [lobby] and the Family Theater,’ the agent wrote, referring to the area where the main White House connects to the East Wing.

‘[Biden] opened the Book-Seller door and said [redacted]. As I started to walk toward him to see if he needed help, Commander ran through his legs and bit my left arm through the front of my jacket. I pulled my arm away and yelled no,’ the victim wrote.

‘[President Biden] also yelled [redacted] to Commander. [Biden] then [redacted]. I obliged and Commander let me pet him.

‘When turning to close the door,’ the special agent went on, ‘Commander jumped again and bit my left arm for the second time. [Biden] again yelled at Commander and attached the leash to him. My suit coat has 3 holes, 1 being all the way through. No skin was broken.

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The latest batch of internal agency records show mounting frustration over the handling of the animals.

On Sept. 25, 2023, following yet another attack involving Commander, a sergeant in the Secret Service’s uniformed division wrote an colleague: ‘FYI- there was a dog bite and the Officer may need to go to the hospital … Have a safe shift!’ It’s unclear if Biden was present for that incident.

Two days later, an official in the agency’s Safety, Health & Environmental Division wrote: ‘Can we please find a way to get this dog muzzled.’

Biden’s personal presence during attacks was known in two prior instances.

On Oct. 2, 2022, Biden was there when Commander attacked an agent who was holding the door for the president as he approached the entryway near the Rose Garden that connects the West Wing to the rest of the White House.

Biden also was present on Dec. 11, 2022, when the president ‘requested to take Commander (on the leash) to the Kennedy Garden,’ records show.

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