Drunk waitress WAKES Up in locked club toilets the morning after drinking with friends


A drunk waitress who partied ‘too hard’ was stunned when she woke up in locked nightclub loos the following morning – setting off alarms as she stumbled out.


Eloise Paull began her night at a friend’s 18th birthday last weekend and went into Wakefield town centre in West Yorkshire with pals to continue the celebrations.

The group went to legendary nightclub Havana and according to friends Eloise kept ‘disappearing’, eventually telling them she was popping to the loo.

But the 19-year-old fell asleep in the cubicle and continued snoozing long after the club had emptied for the night … it was her first time she’d done something ‘on this level’.


Five hours later at 9am a bleary-eyed Eloise woke up, pushed open the door and realised to her horror she was still in the club – setting off the alarms as she tried to make a bid for freedom.

A hilarious clip showed Eloise living her life to the fullest while partying the night before, enjoying a cocktail and showing off her dance moves. 

But in the next video the unlucky reveller was seen wandering out of the club as alarms blared out behind her, before she closed the door and declared ‘see you in a bit mush’.

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Eloise said: ‘I don’t really know what happened as I was quite drunk. My mate told me that I said to her I was going to the toilet.

‘I’d been disappearing throughout the night, so she didn’t think so come look for me because I’d been disappearing.

‘They never saw me after that. The next thing, I woke up in the toilet and there were alarms going off.

‘I didn’t really know where I was to be honest.’

The TikTok footage has gone viral, racking up more than 60,000 likes, shares and comments.

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