Female prison guard CAUGHT having s-x with an inmate at HMP Wandsworth


Police are investigating a shocking video showing a female prison officer having s-x with an inmate behind bars at HMP Wandsworth.


The woman is seen wearing uniform during the explicit clip, which begins with her performing a s-x act on an unidentified prisoner at the Category A jail in south-west London.

The clip shows her having s-x with the prisoner while his cellmate films on a mobile phone. Footage of the cell shows a TV and piles of clothes heaped over a bunk bed. 

The friend who is smoking while recording says: ‘Guys we’ve made history, this is what I’m telling you.’ 


The officer’s radio, left on a side table, crackles constantly with her colleagues heard on the other channels above the din of the other prisoners on the landing unaware of what is going on in the cell.

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At one point, someone appears to try to come into the cell, at which the man filming, can be heard saying to the person on the other side of the door ‘give me a minute, one second.’

The prisoner filming tells his friend to carry on and then pans the camera round momentarily and, grinning, says: ‘This is how we roll in Wandsworth.’

He then tells his friend having s-x: ‘You know you’re gangster innit!’

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