Housekeeper slams Naomi Campbell 18 years AFTER supermodel hurled her phone


Naomi Campbell‘s former maid has slammed the supermodel as a ‘weird’ attention-seeker for flaunting the infamous designer dress she wore while serving out for her punishment for attacking her. 


Housekeeper Ana Scolavino, 58, says she is still traumatized by the 2006 incident that saw Campbell hurl her diamond-encrusted cellphone at her in a violent fit of rage. 

Scolavino’s head was split open by the impact as she tried to escape the star’s New York apartment – and she later struggled to find work due to the crippling anxiety she suffered as a result of the assault.


Campbell, 54, was ordered to complete five days of community service and anger management classes, but drew further controversy when she showed up to her last day of her sentence in an ornate silver designer dress.

And now, the iconic Dolce & Gabbana gown has been put on display at a new exhibit celebrating her life and career at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


Ana said: ‘She shouldn’t be drawing attention to something that was so terrible.

‘If you attack someone, you should say that you are sorry. You should not be showing off about it and using what happened for publicity.

‘For me, personally, I have tried to forget about that day and move on with my life.

‘But maybe Naomi is older now and she is not getting as much modelling work, so she needs this kind of attention.

‘It is weird and in poor taste, but these famous people do whatever they want.’


Prosecutors said in court documents Campbell threw the phone at Ana during a dispute over a pair of jeans.

Campbell was arrested in March 2006 and – having initially dismissed Ana’s claims – she eventually admitted to third-degree assault after striking a plea bargain with prosecutors.

She accepted throwing the phone in a fit of rage, but denied she intended it to hit the housekeeper.

In January 2007, Campbell only narrowly avoided jail, with the judge ordering her to attend anger management classes and perform five days of community service.

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