Former Spandau Ballet star R@PED woman after demanding s-x ‘six times a night’


An ex-Spandau Ballet star allegedly r@ped a woman after demanding s-x six times a night and forcing another to act out a ‘mannequin fantasy’.

Ross Davidson, 36, would force himself on women who refused him, jurors at Wood Green Crown Court in north London heard.

Davidson who was was best known to fans as Ross Wild is accused of a series of s-x offences against five women and r@ped three of them, according to prosecutors.

The offences are said to have taken place over a ten-year period between 2013 and 2023.


A woman alleged to have been raped by Davidson in 2015 at his London flat said s-xual relations with him felt ‘transactional’, in video evidence played to the court.

Giving evidence, she described how Davidson randomly attached her to a leather-and-buckle collar that connected her neck to her wrists.

She told the court: ‘I remember whilst I was in London, at the property, mid-conversation – without stopping the conversation – he left the room and came back in with a collar that connected to wristcuffs.

‘Without breaking conversation he just placed it on me and I just let it happen.’

Asked by prosecutor Richard Hearnden why she did so, the alleged victim replied: ‘I didn’t know what would happen if I protested.

She described his demeanour whilst putting her in the collar as ‘nonchalant’, acting ‘as if what was happening wasn’t strange or out of the ordinary’.

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The court then heard Davidson told her of his disturbing ‘mannequin’ fantasy, the alleged victim saying: ‘He expressed a fantasy that he likes to play out.

‘He mentioned that he liked to have sex with models and initially I thought that just meant people who worked as models – very attractive people.

‘But after the conversation what he meant was mannequins, for someone to pretend to be a still and lifeless, unresponsive person – as if they were a mannequin from a shop window.

‘I remember finding it very strange – I couldn’t understand the pleasure that would come from that.’

After the alleged rape, jurors heard Davidson continued sending her ‘copy and paste’ marketing copy promoting the band he was in before he joined Spandau Ballet.

Middle: Davidson


Another alleged victim of Davidson said she was raped by the star after he told her, ‘C’mon, c’mon. let’s have s-x’ – demanding it six times a night.

In video recorded evidence played to the court today, said: ‘We were having s-x five to six times a night, which was just not okay for me.

‘One time I was feeling very sore, and I said I didn’t want to have s-x with him, he said: “No, c’mon, c’mon, let’s have s-x.

‘He put me on my back and started having s-x with me.

‘He was trying to laugh and make it funny – I said no, really, I don’t want to.

‘I barely slept, I felt so anxious and alone the whole time – I used to just lay in bed and cry.’

The woman claimed Davidson smoked up to six cannabis joints a day.

Davidson has since denied their allegations … trial continues.

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