Khloe Kardashian tells Kendall Jenner she IS ‘wasting’ her life


Khloe was asked by a producer on the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian which of her sister’s she’d switch places with if given the chance.


‘I would have to say Kendall Jenner, because why the f–k not?’ she answered, without missing a beat.

‘I want to be a supermodel. Going around town, I could hook up with this person — not that Kendall does that, but I would be doing that. Hooking up with every person, drunk as a skunk, no kids, no f–king responsibilities.’

She shed some lights on her statement, saying that Jenner does, of course, have responsibilities of her own.

‘You know what I mean. Like, I don’t have to wake up for car pool, I don’t have to make someone’s f–king lunch. I am a f–king supermodel with my f–king doberman and a f–king tequila bottle for breakfast,’ she continued.


Kourtney added she’d love to just ‘leave that man wherever I just f–ked him last night.’

Khloe concluded her playful rant by reminding viewers that Kendall ‘doesn’t do any of those things’ she had just listed off — before adding, ‘that’s why she’s wasting her life. You’re wasting it Kendall, let me be you for a second!’

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