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8 Revealing Actions That He Is Imagining The Future With You

4:30 pm
Love relationship can either be a short term or a long term goal- its term largely depends on the partners involved, how they want it. Bu...


Don't Start A Long Distance Relationship With Your Online Crush Until You Answered These Questions

2:00 pm
Long distance relationships are not for everyone. While some may be willing to handle the long distance calls, messages and communication...

Was Breaking Up A Mistake? 7 Signs It's The Best Option

12:58 pm
Yes, your partner did something that may have led you to break up with him. But was it really the best thing to do? Do you think you cou...


Here's The One Thing Men Love More Than Making Out, But Won’t Tell You

4:14 pm
A lot of people believe that men lovemaking out more than anything. This makes it almost impossible for women to believe that there is so...


7 Ways To Recognize The Person You Made A Pact With Long Before You Were Born

1:14 pm
Is it really possible to make a pact with someone before you came into existence. And if yes, how would you know the person or the type o...


7 Rules For Living With Your Inlaws And How To Make It Work For You

9:38 am
In several homes, there is always a struggle for balance between the couple and the inlaws, mostly on the side of the wife.  There...

3 Powerful Ways To Get Past Emotional Barriers And Blockage In Love Life

9:18 am
Have we ever thought of the possibility that we are responsible for our own failures in love and relationships? Is it possible that we...


10 Signs That He Is Being Overridden By His Divorce/heartbreak, Despite He Is In A New Relationship

3:16 pm
This is for you ladies (women); you will know your man better and be wise enough to know if he is unsettled in your relationship with ...

Should You Break Up If They Cheat? 7 Reasons Why It's A Good Choice And You Should Take It

10:14 am
When you are cheated upon in a relationship, one thing is for sure, you will feel hurt. Afterwards, you will be overcome with differen...


9 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Genuinely Interested In You And Wants To Be Around You

6:05 pm
Being able to tell when someone really likes you is not as easy as it sounds. Some people may be genuinely interested in you, but for ...


Love and Hate: The Thin Lines Between Them In Life

8:11 pm
As people think and believe that Love and Hate are opposite directly to one another, yet they still share the same values which many peo...


5 Ways To Prevent A Toxic Relationship From Ruining Your Life

7:55 pm
Being in a toxic relationship is not something one would want to experience, or even wish on someone else. Sadly, a lot of people have...


5 Reasons Why You Always End Up Dating The Wrong Person

1:35 pm
Most likely, we date the wrong people on purpose and don’t even know it. But when it becomes a regular occurrence, then maybe it’s time ...


51+ Red Hot Conversation Starters To Spice Up Your Date

11:33 am
Going on dates can be fun. You get to meet someone and explore that personality. You can either come off as fun, interesting or boring. ...


16 Secrets To Staying In The Honeymoon Phase Your Whole Life

11:08 am
That honeymoon phase feels like it should never end. It is the beginning of every relationship where we are oblivious to each other’s fa...


6 Ways To Forget People And Make Them Your Past

10:25 am
The basic golden rule to endear him to you is ‘Do it like no other!’; touch him like no other, talk to him in a way others will not be a...

6 Ways To Make Him Come For You.

9:58 am
The basic golden rule to endear him to you is ‘Do it like no other!’; touch him like no other, talk to him in a way others will not be a...


8 Classy Ways To Keep A Guy Interested And Become His Favourite

3:37 pm
1. Keep Your Calm. Do things without anxiety, you will make mistakes you could avoid if you do so. Be yourself, learn how to harness y...


8 Characteristics That Makes Someone Sexually Attractive To Others

5:28 pm
Physical attraction is common among people. Sexual attraction, however, is not so common. It is common for someone to be found physicall...

6 Compliments Men Love To Hear More Often

5:11 pm
Everyone knows that women love compliments. But what we don’t know is that men love compliments too.  They may not tell you that the...