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Scientists say men can tell when a woman is in the mood for s.e.x by the natural smell of her armpits

10:21 am
A Kent University study showed men can detect how armpit aromas change when ladies are in the mood. The smell of these s.e.x hormones can...


Relationship expert explains why guys in their 30's aren't the best to hook up with when looking for love

9:30 am
A dating expert has revealed the age bracket of men that you should never date - and it's quite controversial. Jana Hocking, 35, from...


7 Signs A Man Is Trying To Hide His Deepest Emotions By Acting Like A Jerk

12:31 pm
All over the world, men have been seen as a strong, dominant personality. They have been wired and raised to be the protector of their...


11 Love Resolutions For The Single Woman

4:29 pm
Life as a single woman does not mean you have the worst life experience there is. In several cases, being single gives you the chance t...

9 Reasons Why People Withdraw In Relationships

1:35 pm
Being in the right relationship can make you feel like the luckiest person on earth. This happens on the occasion that you both have what...


9 Hidden Relationship Deal Breakers You Need To know

1:02 pm
Hearing the phrase “relationship deal breaker “ makes you wonder if the idea of relationships seems like some kind of deal. The things is...

7 Ways To Know Whether He Is Into You And Would Love To Wife You

12:00 pm
Yes, he is tall, dark, and handsome! These are mostly the 3 top qualities of a man in a lady’s diary. But I am here to tell you that you ...


Is Your Partner A Soulmate Or A Wound-mate?

12:49 pm
One might wonder if it is really possible to be in a relationship with someone other than a Soulmate. If your relationship seems like ...


5 Signs You Are Dating A Selfish Person

11:33 am
It’s a good thing that almost everyone wants to get involved in a relationship that can possibly lead to marriage. Sadly though, not eve...


17 Relationship Concepts You Should Know

5:26 pm
Now that love and its expression are seasonal, what was invalid many years ago is valid, now. Better put, Today's love and relation...


When Your Partner Is Having An Affair With Someone Not In Same Country

12:30 pm
Your partner is having an affair with someone they meet on work trips; you have been together for 10 years and they have sex with the per...


7 Phrases Men Says If They Are Seriously Interested In You

3:16 pm
Men usually hold back and are not direct like the females, behind every man’s voice is his emotion running in background. How smart are y...


The Major Functions Of Dating And The Problems Associated With It

8:17 pm
Dating is a romantic relationship of two people meeting socially in assessing other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimat...


Your Answers To ‘what You Can Offer Her In A Relationship’

4:52 pm
Relationship as a state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection) comes with some responsibilities to undert...


Do You Have To Be In A Relationship With Someone You Are Dating?

2:34 pm
Dating is actually a relationship- dating relationship, but there is an exclusive relationship which happens to be the bone of contention...


3 Ways To Stop A Relationship Without The Guy Knowing

3:35 pm
She gave up a long time ago when they were drifting apart, now she needs something different than what she was getting while with him an...

How To Keep A Relationship With Same Sex And Get it Working

2:25 pm
Same sex is either a gay relationship or that of lesbian. Regardless where you fall into, I am sure something attracts you to each other-...


4 Ways To Know You Are Ready For A Relationship

5:26 pm
People say that relationships are for matured minds. This is for the reason that you date, with the aim and purpose of settling down. Rel...

51 Common Signs of a Cheater

2:16 pm
Being romantically involved with a cheating partner is not someone we should hope for or wish upon someone. It is a very toxic relationsh...


5 Hidden Signals He Is Falling In Love With You

2:46 pm
It can be hard to tell when someone is interested in you. What is more difficult, is being able to tell if a man is in love with you, or ...