8 Ways to Motivate Yourself To Do Things You Don’t Want To Do


At some point, or in different point in time, we have found ourselves in situations like this. We know we have to do things, but we just don’t feel like doing anything. Sometimes, you might just want to lay down and watch the time go by, other times, you might just want to sit around and do nothing. Doing nothing would not help matters, especially if what we are supposed to do is for our own good. How do you shake the feeling of not wanting to do anything away. How do you motivate yourself to do something. Here are 8 ways of doing that.

Remind yourself

It is not just enough to know that you have things that need to be done, you need a constant reminder of it. If you can set notifications on your mobile phone, or write down in a place you will always see it, or mark it on your calender, do it. This will constantly remind you that you have unfinished business to conduct. Unless you complete the task, you won’t be at rest.

Tell someone about it

It is easier to tell yourself that you do not want to do something or that you are too tired to carry out any task. However, when you involve someone else, it is much easier to get the work done because the person will be the one to remind you or hold you accountable for what you are supposed to do.

8 Ways to Motivate Yourself To Do Things You Don’t Want To Do

Break it up into smaller task

Seemingly large tasks are the easiest to put off because we feel they are too large to get done. One of the ways to get them done is to mentally or literally divide it into smaller bits. Finishing off smaller jobs is much easier, and you can finish them up one after the other until the whole work is done.

Just begin

A lot of people feel that they need motivation before they can actually do something. The truth however, is that motivation comes when you have already started doing it. The best thing to do is to begin first. No matter how u ready you are, just start doing it, you will discover that you will end up finishing it after all.

Try doing it with someone

One of the reasons why people stay away from tasks is because doing it alone can be boring. If that is the case, see if you can do it with someone else. Make it interesting by getting someone else on board. Simply watching someone else work with you is enough to get you started. See page 2 below for the full article

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