What The First Letter of Your Name Says About You


We have always been aware of the impact our zodiac signs have on our personalitiesand behaviors. What we may not have heard before, is how our personalities can also be determined just by the first letter of our name, or by our special number. Research has shown that by studying the relationship between the letters of your name, with emphasis on the first letter, your interests, talents, and general characteristics and traits can be determined. Would you like to know what the first letter of your name says about you? Find out below.

Letter A

Just like the first letter of the alphabet, people whose names begin with this letter like to come first. They have the natural tendency to be leaders and to be in charge whenever they find themselves in a group. They are also hard driven in their ambitions and would stop at nothing until they get what they want in life. They may not be too romantic, but deep down, they need someone to lean on occasionally.Their honesty, and straightforwardly attitude is their strongest point.

Letter B

People whose names begin with the letter B are not as open or as straightforward as others. They are more sensitive and tend to withdraw from publicity. However, they are extremely loyal to those they care about, even to the point of forgetting about themselves. They lean towards the idea of family a lot and this makes them very caring and emotional. Notwithstanding, they have great control over their emotions and feelings

Letter C

People whose names begin with the letter C are incredible socialites. They love making friends and hanging out with people. They are so bubbly and optimistic that they even take on jobs that show their personality. However, they are great attention seekers, and love being romantically involved with people who would love and adore them. It may take a while for them to find such partners due to their aloofness with romance, but when they do, they are loyal to the end.

Letter D

People whose names begin with this letter are bull-headed and stubborn. They hardly listen to others or take other people’s word except theirs. When they set out to do something, they do it, and this makes them workaholics. They also bring their strong personality to their love life, as they love fiercely and passionately. Be careful not to rile them though, they seem to have quite a temper.

Letter E

People whose names begin with this letter are very homely and down to earth. They adapt well to any situation they find themselves in without bothering others. They are not very sociable, as they would prefer to be holed up indoors than going out to have a good time. This does not make them boring, as they can also be great conversation partners. They however, are very imaginative and intelligent.

Letter F

Individuals whose names begin with this letter are peace loving fellows. They make great companions and hosts due to their friendly and accommodating behaviors. They are very caring towards others, and are self sacrificing. They have no issue getting involved in other people’s problems, even when they are not needed. However, they are huge flirts and have a great sense of humor.

Letter G

People whose names begin with this letter are difficult people. They are not easy to please due to their perfectionist nature. They expect perfection from everything and everyone around them, including themselves. They love to analyze everything they come across, including people, making them picky partners. But despite all that, they are always active in their daily lives and are extremely tidy with their surroundings

Letter H

People whose names begin with this letter always focus on themselves and their interests before others. They have a very small circle of people they care about, but those people can always count on them anytime. They are highly creative, focused and patient individuals. They do not easily let people in, but when they do, it is for life.

Letter I

People whose names begin with this letter are very materialistic and love the good things of life. Their interests constantly lean towards luxury and they even make professions out of it. They are equally creative with their interests, but they easily get bored with things. They love attention lavish gifts from their partners. On the bad side, they are constantly battling with anxiety and easily lose focus in what they do. see page 2 and 3 for more alphabets

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