What Will Happen To The Queen’s Possessions Following Her Death?


What Will Happen To The Queen's Possessions Following Her Death?

But following her sad death on
8 September, what will happen to her vast collection? A lot of the properties
and jewellery that she owned weren’t owned personally by the monarch but were
instead the property of the Crown. 

Many royal residences such as
Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle immediately came into the ownership
of King Charles III following the Queen’s passing.

However, as the monarch personally
owned her Balmoral residence it was possible for her to decide who would
inherit the property, with it likely going to Charles.

Likewise, many of the
Queen’s jewels were part of the Royal Collection, and they too will have passed
onto Charles, although Her Majesty would have been free to leave her personal
items to whomever she chose.

It is likely that many royal
ladies such as the Queen Consort, the Princess of Wales and
the Countess of Wessex will be bestowed some of the late monarch’s
personal jewels.

It is believed that Her
Majesty owned 300 pieces of jewellery, including 98 brooches and 46 necklaces.

Most of the Queen's jewellery is part of the Royal Collection

Most of the Queen’s jewellery is part of the Royal Collection

Like her late husband, Prince
Philip, she is likely to have left personal items to other members of the
family. Philip gave his personal driving carriage to Lady Louise Windsor when
he passed, with the young royal enjoying carriage driving.

We do know that the
Queen left her beloved corgis, Sandy and Muick, to her son Prince
Andrew and ex-wife Sarah Fergusorn.

Andrew originally got two
puppies for his late mother, Muick and Fergus, when Prince Philip had been hospitalized
last year.

When Fergus sadly passed in
May 2021, the late monarch was reportedly left ‘devastated’.  On what
would have been Prince Philip’s 100th birthday, Prince Andrew is said to have
bought his mother another puppy named Sandy to replace Fergus.


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