Chesapeake Walmart worker hits store with $50 million lawsuit

Chesapeake Walmart worker hits store with $50 million lawsuit

An employee in the Chesapeake Walmart store has filed a $50 million lawsuit against the store for hiring and keeping shooter, Andre Bing. The shooter, Andre Bing carried out a mass shooting last week that left six people dead before turning the gun on himself.

Walmart employee, Donya Prioleau, was one of the survivors of the shooting, and she has reportedly sued the store for hiring the shooter.

The shooter, Andre Bing, aged 31, was hired as a supervisor of the Chesapeake store, and was known for having propensities for violence, threats and strange behaviors.

Prioleau claimed in her lawsuit that Bing had made allusions to a mass shooting, constantly cursed out colleagues and co-workers and had even bragged about running over a turtle with a lawnmower.

This lawsuit from Prioleau seems to be the first from the shooting, and it was filed on Tuesday by Prioleau who survived the shooting with a bashed knee.

The suit states that Prioleau experienced Post Traumatic stress disorder after witnessing her colleagues being gunned down by Bing. According to her, the youngest victim from the shooting was a 16 year old boy.

The lawsuit describes Prioleau experience by saying ”bullets whizzed by Plaintiff Donya Prioleau’s face and left side, missing her barely. She witnessed several of her colleagues being brutally murdered on either side of her. She looked at one of her co-workers in the eyes right after she had been shot in the neck”.

In her lawsuit, were explicit details of the attack as well as troubling signs that the shooter had displayed, which she believes the manager had failed to address.

It further states that the shooter had a personal vendetta against several employees and had kept a ”kill list” prior to the shooting.

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