Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Didn’t Sue Tom Bower Because He Didn’t Go After Their Children

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Didn’t Sue Tom Bower Because He Didn’t Go After Their Children

During his YouTube commentary, Neil Sean discusses the bombshell books released by Bower and Low. He says some people have been curious about Meghan and Harry’s response to these books and why they haven’t sued.

“People have often wondered why Harry and Meghan decided never to get legal with the celebrated authors’ Tom Bower and Valentine Low,” says Sean. “After all, they have published books themselves this year which have been particularly damaging to the brand of [Harry and Meghan]. When you look at the list of things, the claims that particularly Tom Bower came up with, it was sort of eye-watering. And everybody felt at this point it’s not going to be very easy for Meghan or Harry to plow ahead.”

According to Sean, Meghan is defending herself on her Archetypes podcast instead of pursuing legal action. Most of the podcast topics have been about being mistreated or bullied, he says. “[These] are all the things that could have been handpicked out of [Bower’s] book,” says Sean.

Sean says his source told him Meghan and Harry have held off on legal action because their children haven’t been targeted in the tell-all books. So far, no action has been taken against Bower or Low.

“Apparently, according to a good source, the reason why Meghan and Harry have decided against taking litigation, particularly against Mr. Bower, which has the biggest-selling book, was because he wasn’t difficult or damaging toward their children,” says Sean. “The fact that [Bower] didn’t endear too deeply into the background stories of those children, then they apparently felt that it wasn’t necessarily worth going much deeper.”

During an interview with Good Morning Britain, Bower said he wasn’t concerned about being sued. He pointed out the fact that he has never lost a legal case made against him. Bower also repeated this statement during an interview with Lorraine host Christine Lampard. “I don’t mind if they sue as long as they lose,” Bower. He then warned Meghan, saying she wouldn’t want to sue him because he has a top-notch lawyer.  

“I think that Meghan if she sues, she won’t want to appear in court being cross-examined by my [lawyer],” says Bower. “So, it’s best if she doesn’t sue.”

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