Student remanded in prison for saying Aisha Buhari ‘ate poor people’s money’ had threatened those mourning Deborah Samuel who was killed for alleged blasphemy

Aisha Buhari bows to pressure and withdraws case against critic Aminu Mohammed

The student of Federal University Dutse, Aminu Adamu Mohammed who was arrested for slandering First Lady Aisha Buhari on twitter had threatened those who mourned Deborah Samuel.

Mohammed had made threatening remarks to those who were mourning Deborah Samuel, the 21 year old student of Shehu Shagari College of Education who was murdered over alleged blasphemy in May 2022.

Presently, Mohammed has been arrested and jailed for making derogatory comments about the First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari saying she ‘ate poor people’s money’.

When he was first arrested, several Nigerians made comments and attempts to appeal on his behalf, however, after finding out he had threatened those mourning the unjust murder of Deborah, they changed their minds and said he deserved what he got.

Mohammed had shared a photo of a T-shirt with Deborah’s image on it, saying anyone caught wearing it would be severely dealt with In Bauchi state.

Several Nigerians had tweeted saying he deserves what he is going through, as it is karma for supporting the murder of Deborah Samuel.

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