‘May Death Take Me Before My Time If I Am Gay’ – Designer Yomi Casual Writes

‘May Death Take Me Before My Time If I Am Gay’ – Designer Yomi Casual Writes

Popular Nigerian fashion designer, Yomi Casual has reacted to rumours that he’s gay, wishing his own death if they were true.

Yomi took to his Instagram account to call out those spreading the rumors, reeling out curses to its effect.

According to Yomi, friends and family have reached out to him to tell him to ignore the rumours but said the pain and damages are being felt by him alone.

He wrote, “It is always easy for friends and family to reach out and always say, “Ignore them… Silence is golden…” they will get tired and move on to the next person.” But I am the one wearing the shoes, and I am the one feeling all pains and damages to my reputation as a father, husband, and businessman.”

He said he has never nursed the idea of being gay and will never do so, cursing himself that if he ever did (nurse the idea of being gay), he should face grave consequences.

“Coming out of church today and having reflected on all the lies against me, I want to say I am not too good a Christian who would turn and take a slap on the other cheek. Enough is enough. Should I Omoniyi, Olorunyomi Makun be gay or nurse any single idea of sleeping with a fellow man, may death take me before my time, and may everything that God has blessed me with be taken away from me. May I not prosper in anything I lay my hands to do. May failure becomes my portion in everything that concerns me till death,” he wrote.

To the rumour mongers, he said they were going to face grave consequences if their act was done out of envy and wickedness.

He said, “On the other hand, if these are fabrications borne out of envy, jealousy, wickedness, and insecurities, I pray for the same God to vindicate me. May those of you who enjoy and share such lies against me be also entertained by the pain you bring to my family. May that thing that has kept you jobless remain in your lives till death. Today, I pronounce death, doom, and destruction on anyone who would continue to incite lies designed to assassinate my character. I also pronounce the same on those who fall and fly with it without confirmation,” he wrote.

He added, “May all these curses return to me if I am truly gay. Enough is enough! Note: As you come here to say “no blog mentioned your name,” but some of you remembered to tag me or put in a comment with my name in their comment sessions… May you and your entire family suffer from depression and untimely death!”

Recall Yomi Casual’s wife, Grace Makun had come out to defend her husband that he’s not gay while daring anyone with proof to present them.

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