Zara Tindall Is Moved To Tears In Candid First Podcast With Husband Mike Tindall

Zara Tindall Is Moved To Tears In Candid First Podcast With Husband Mike Tindall

The couple sat down to talk for the inaugural Mike Drop episode, discussing everything from Magic Millions, to Zara’s equestrian accomplishments, her childhood, children and plans for the future.

The affection between the pair was evident throughout with much laughter and the occasional teasing. But there was one moment that moved Zara to tears.

Zara was talking about her horses, High Kingdom, and owner Trevor Hemmings when emotions got the better of her.

Zara pictured with Trevor Hemmings
Zara pictured with Trevor Hemmings

“We managed to get him to the Olympics, which was incredible. Trev – Trevor Hemmings – had won so many amazing things racing, in his racing career, and Grand Nationals and things like that.

“But to see his face at the Olympics and to get that team medal was amazing. And to be able to give something back to him when he had supported me for so long was incredible,” she added, as tears filled her eyes.

“I’m going to get emotional,” she then told her husband with a smile as he laughed back.

Zara is a hugely-accomplished equestrian and is highly competitive – something she shares with former rugby captain Mike.

Mike was on the World Cup-winning England rugby team
Mike was on the World Cup-winning England rugby team

At the end of the podcast, they debated who was the better athlete. “I’ve got more medals,” Zara responded. “Yeah, but they give participation medals out for you,” joked Mike, who was in the World Cup-winning team in 2003.

“Gold medals are not participation medals,” his wife retorted. “No, that’s true, I’ll give you those two… Four… Six,” he added with a laugh.

“But I still think it’s harder to win a rugby world cup,” Mike continued before pausing and adding, “No, actually it’s not.” “You’ve got 14 other people with you! And you’re not controlling an animal – which has a mind of its own,” Zara concluded.

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