James Middleton Shares Poignant Valentine’s Day Message – Fans React


James, 35, posted a sweet photograph of the cocker spaniel to his Instagram account on Tuesday, showing her posing in front of a vase of brightly coloured tulips.

“You will always be my Valentines Ella,” he wrote movingly in the Instagram caption. “I planted a rose today so next year hopefully I will have a rose to put in her grave.”

Fans quickly shared this support in the comments, with one writing: “Lots of love James, a rose is such a beautiful tribute to your special girl.”

Another said: “Thinking of you guys, I know what it’s like to lose your doggy soulmate.” A third added: “She was the most beautiful girl. She will always be with you James.”

James paid tribute to his late beloved dog Ella

Ella had been by James’s side for 15 years and was a canine companion he credited with saving his life when he was facing battles with depression.

The entrepreneur announced his pet’s passing on 20 January and later revealed to The Times, that his sisters, Kate and Pippa, both said their goodbyes to Ella before her funeral in James’s garden.

He wrote: “Burying her; that was the worst. It took me four hours because I knew once I had finished digging, that would be the final farewell.

“All the family came to say their goodbyes. I can’t speak for them but I believe she influenced their lives too. Lupo, Catherine and William’s dog, is one of Ella’s puppies. My sister Pippa and her husband have a pup from Ella, as do other family members.

“Everybody knew how much she meant to me and there was a day they feared the most: the day Ella was no longer in my life. She meant something to all of them too.”

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